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New Website Launch

Welcome to My New Website!

I’m very pleased to announce the official launch of my brand new website. You can find information on here about all of my Coaching Areas and pricing together with my latest articles about life in general and the way we might get to grips with some of the challenges it throws at us from time to time…  Continue reading New Website Launch

To You and Yours

To You and Yours

Do you ever feel like you see things differently to others around you? That what you told your partner the other day just didn’t land in the way you expected and they didn’t quite grasp what you meant? Ever looked at a priceless piece of art or  sculpture and thought ‘Why?’

Is comparing yourself against others a common theme in your world? How is that working for you? Nowadays it’s all too easy to practice surfing social media and the likes of Imagine if such a site existed? http://www.comparethemecom. It doesn’t and yet it does. I assure you, it is everywhere…   Continue reading To You and Yours