To You and Yours

To You and Yours

Do you ever feel like you see things differently to others around you? That what you told your partner the other day just didn’t land in the way you expected and they didn’t quite grasp what you meant? Ever looked at a priceless piece of art or  sculpture and thought ‘Why?’

Is comparing yourself against others a common theme in your world? How is that working for you? Nowadays it’s all too easy to practice surfing social media and the likes of Imagine if such a site existed? http://www.comparethemecom. It doesn’t and yet it does. I assure you, it is everywhere…  

You do know of course, I am sure you do, that every single person who is being human on this planet is utterly unique. You aren’t one in a million, you are actually one in approximately 7.6 billion and that stat changes every single millisecond our world exists.

Check out this world population clock: …It will blow your mind as it did mine.

You and only you have your view through your own eyes, the thoughts running through your head and the feelings you are feeling right now in your body. We are all, every one of us, coming to the table with our own myriad of experiences, the very first one of which (our own birth), is not even identical for twins or multiple births because even they come out one after another.

So when I coach there’s no ‘one size fits all’ standardised or blanket approach. Imagine the blanket needed for 7.7 billion people. That’s a lot of sheep. When you come to me with whatever you feel is your ‘problem’, it will be the first time I have seen your problem totally in the context of your life and the marvellous thing about that is that we can find solutions to your problem that fit in perfectly with your life.

I help you to reprogramme your inner workings and get below the surface structure of your behaviour, language and presented emotions. They are all yours and only yours, without compare. Oh and by the way, sheep are also individuals too, when they aren’t being cloned.

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